Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how we collect, use and manage your personal data. This policy also explains your rights over your data and how the law protects you.

Users would always be notified when we collect their personal data, the type of data we collect, and how we intend to process or use the data

This policy may be updated at any time, so it is important that you read through it when you visit to know how we make use of your personal data.


The data we collect from our users may include contact data, technical data, career data, and financial data.

Users voluntarily give contact data like name, address, email address, and phone number. For example, when you sign up for newsletters, give feedback, comments or fill out a survey form, you provide us with contact details. These contacts details help us reach out to you easily and provide you with the necessary information.

Technical Data - We use tracking technologies like cookies to keep track of the activities on our website. We automatically collect and store data like Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser and version type, access time, operating system, and other technologies using these tracking technologies. This helps us to verify your identity whenever you use our website, it also helps us to know and understand how you use our website.

We store your financial data, such as your card details, if you need to make payments or subscriptions on the website.

We may also store your profile data, like your username and password, to help you access the website easier and faster.


The personal data we collect is obtained from you when you reach out to us or contact us. For example, when you sign up for newsletters or fill out survey forms, you provide us with some of your personal details, which we store and make use of subsequently. Other data like technical data are gotten automatically when you access our website.


When we collect your data, we may store and process them for the following reason:

  • To ensure that we effectively carry out the purpose for which the data was provided
  • To help us serve you better and provide feedback to any inquiry you make.
  • To notify you and provide you with information and proper marketing communication like newsletters when necessary.
  • To monitor your activities on the website so that we can improve our product and services to suit you. To also notify you when there are any changes on the website.
  • To provide quality customer support to our users.
  • To maintain the usage of the website and avoid technical issues.
  • To notify you of your accounts, payment renewal, and subscription.
  • To fulfill our contractual obligations to you.


When we collect your data, we can store it manually or electronically. We store manually within our premises and electronically on different servers.

We store our data for as long as we need to fulfill and contractual obligation we owe you. While we retain your data, we ensure that it is not misused or accessible to any unauthorized person. We use appropriate security measures to keep your data safe and not disclose it to an authorized party. We may also consider anonymizing your data so that they cannot be traced to you.

Access to your personal data is limited to contractors, employees, agents, and third parties who have business with it. We may also transfer your personal data to other countries and outside the shores of where you live. While we transfer your data, we ensure that your data is protected and secured. We also make sure that anyone who receives your data uses it for the right purpose and in accordance with the law.

These persons are subjected to non-disclosure and would only be allowed to use the data in a way we have instructed them to.

In the event of any breach, appropriate measures would be put in place to rectify it and protect your data. However, if we are legally required (for example, through a court order) to provide your personal details, we would do well to inform you unless we are prohibited.

Our priority is to see that your data is always safe and secured. However, there are no absolute means of security, and we would not be liable for any damage that occurs if your data is tampered with.


You may find links to other websites on our website. If you click or visit these websites, they have a different privacy policy that guides them. It is important that you go through their privacy policy before submitting any details. We would not be responsible for whatever happens to your personal data on these external websites.

In line with the Data Protection Laws that guide this Privacy Policy, certain rights have been provided for our users. These rights include:

  • Right To Request For Erasure of Your Personal Data - Users may request that their personal details be removed when it is not in use. We may also be required to erase your personal details to comply with the law.
  • Right To Request For A Transfer of Data - You may request that your data be transferred to a third party. We may only transfer automated information when you have given us consent.
  • Right To Request Access - Users may ask for a "subject access request." This request gives users access to their personal details with us and helps them understand how we use their data.
  • Right to Request Corrections - you have the right to make corrections to your data with us. We may also need to verify the accuracy of any data you provide us with.
  • Right To Restrict Processing - you may at any time request that we stop processing your data. For example, suppose you want to establish an inaccuracy in how we process your data without completely erasing it. In that case, you can request that we restrict the processing of your data until it is rectified.
  • Right not to be discriminated against- we respect and treat all our users equally. All the laws that guide the use of our website apply to all our users equally.
  • Right to Withdraw Consent - while we rely on your consent to carry out certain activities with your data, you can also choose to withdraw your consent. Withdrawal of consent would not affect the legitimacy of any processing done before the withdrawal of consent.


This policy may be updated periodically. The date for each update would be provided. Users are advised to always go through this privacy policy and be up-to-date on any change that is made.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or need clarification on this policy, kindly reach out to us or contact us. You can also reach out to us through a GDPR or CCPA agent depending on your jurisdiction.